London, England-June 2020

Amsterdam, the NEtherlandS-JULY 2020

Rotterdam, The Netherlands-July 2020

A variety of the following courses will be offered at each of these locations. Specific Offerings and dates will be posted as soon as details are confirmed.

Course A:

(10 hours)

This 10-hour four-day intensive course is designed for beginning and experienced students at all levels. As new participants are introduced to the fundamentals of the six Emotional Effector Patterns, the more experienced students will deepen their understanding of the technique as they refine their skills. This is also a valuable course for advanced students who may aspire to be certified Alba Method teachers in the future. After completing Course A, beginning students will be prepared to explore the more advanced work covered in Course B. 

Course B: 

(15 Hours)

This 15-hour advanced course is designed exclusively for students with at least 10 hours of previous training in the Alba Method. After a brief review of the fundamentals, we will refine technique through exploration of partner work, levels and emotional mixtures. We will also discuss and experiment with application of the method to our professional and personal lives. 

Course c:

(6 hours)

This brief overview of the Alba Method is perfect for anyone interested in learning about the history and basic principles that are the foundation of the Alba Method, It will also serve as a review session for experienced practitioners who are unable to enroll in one of the longer courses. Continuing students will also have the opportunity to demonstrate the Emotional Effector Patterns to beginning students. 

Course D:

Daily Drop-in

Any student with at least 10 hours of training in the Alba Method may drop in for one or more days during Cousrse A, B and C as their schedule permits. Activities will be determined by the needs of the students enrolled in the full course. 

***For more information about any of these courses contact Nancy***



If you wish to learn more before registering for a course, read more about the method here, view the Resources page, or contact Nancy