I have heard about Alba Emoting. Is the Alba Method the same thing?

Yes. The technique was developed under the name Alba Emoting. Some trainers and practitioners around the world continue to use this name. All Master Teachers of the Alba Method are also CL5 certified teachers of Alba Emoting.


No. The Alba Method is an entirely physical method of accessing and controlling genuine emotion. A teacher certified in the Alba Method will not ask you to recall or share any information about your emotional history or personal life circumstances.

How long is a course?

The length of a beginning level courses typically ranges between 15 and 30 instructor contact hours. Most students will require a minimum of 30 hours of training before being endorsed for independent self-use. Intermediate and advanced training can be delivered in a variety of formats, ranging from two-hour class sessions to full 30-hour intensives. Many students choose to take multiple mixed-level intensives to deepen and refine their training.

At the end of a beginning course, what will I be able to do?

Learning rates vary depending on emotional readiness and previously developed physical awareness and control. A 30-hour beginning course is structured to allow most or all participants to develop sufficient understanding and technical command to use the patterns independently. Students enrolled in a 15-hour intensive will need to take a second course before being considered for an endorsement for self use.

How much does it cost?

Cost for instruction in the Alba Method is determined by individual teachers. Tuition will vary depending on location, instructional expenses, and class size.

I can’t attend any of the training sessions listed. How can I find a CLASS?

Workshops are offered in a variety of locations in the U.S. and internationally. A limited list of certified trainers is provided on the Resources page. Visit their websites or contact these teachers directly to learn about training opportunities.

How can I bring a training in the Alba Method to a venue near me?

Many certified trainers of the Alba Method are available to serve as a guest instructor for sponsoring organizations or groups. If you are interested in arranging a course near you, contact Nancy or any other certified trainer.